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About Us

Our History

Paper for us at Panhartico Limited is not just a commodity. It is a means of communication. Whether it's a choice of paper to send a message, print a publication, present a report or wrap a present.

Our history goes back in the early 60s when Mr Panayiotis Apostolou decided to set up his own business.

He started his operations with the establishment of Cyprus as an Independent Republic. At a time which brought new challenges for the Cypriot entrepreneurs, who had to face seriously their future. Having the encouragement of the new environment he joined the efforts of the young Cypriot businessmen. Efforts, which were strongly supported by a common outward business philosophy.

Soon he realised that to be able to adapt to this challenging business environment it was necessary to demonstrate quick reflexes and long term strategic planning which he achieved through continuous education.

He started working at a young age and was engaged in various labour jobs until early 1950 when he was employed in a daily newspaper. Thus entering a new social environment with educated people. He attended night schools and studied the English language and became a permanent visitor to libraries from where he could get books to read. He was attracted mostly in history and social evolution.

Soon after he tried his skills as a salesman in a trading company dealing in trading of paper and paper products as well as in still products. He was a hard working and disciplined person always trying to develop and improve his education and skills. Qualities which made him a respectable person and a good professional.

In the early 60's he started his own business as a commission agent in paper and paper products and trader of paper. In a few years he expands his activities and improves his trading business setting up the "Panhartico Limited" company, trading in paper and paper products and soon after "Matalimpo Limited", trading in welding and soldering material and copper products.

We are proud of the long lasting business relationship with our esteemed partners, world known organisations, with which we are in business since the establishment of our organisation. We remain focussed on the values set our foundations of our company and strive for continuous improvement for our people, their business environment, technology and methods of serving our clients.

Our response to our business partners will continue to be based on the deepest respect and professionalism and commitment to continue in promoting their products offering a quality service to our clients. Our goal will be, together, to move on in this modern, creative and challenging business environment, building and improving on the values set up by our founder half a century ago.

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