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Special Envelopes for Automatic Stuffing

We may supply any type of envelopes which are compatible for automatic stuffing. These envelopes are stuffed mechanically. They are used when substantial amount of letters or bank statements or advertising circulars need to be sent to customers and envelopes need to be stuffed mechanically.

For the automatic stuffing a special type of envelopes with a rounded closing flap is used. A special cut is needed to make it easier for the machine to open and stuff the envelopes.

» Overprint

Envelope overprint is produced if and as requested by the customer using the customer art designs. The overprinting could be made outside on both sides of the envelopes.

» Inner Print

As envelopes can be printed on both sides, it is also possible to print any type of envelope from the inner side.

This is done mainly for two reasons. To make it impossible, for anybody to scan the contents of an envelope or to read it from the outside. To prevent this, inner sides of the envelopes are printed mainly with blue or grey colours.

» Window

Special envelopes usually need a special window positioning. The cost and the time required to supply these special windows are agreed individually.

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